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Block questions McGladrey strategy; More news
McGladrey Splitting From Block; More news
Block picks McGladrey's leader; BDO dodges bullet but...; More
Ex-BDO chair indicted (news & commentary); Firm battered; More

Bowman FirstAlert, The Bowman Accounting Report.
More than ever, local and regional firms must be increasingly agile, resilient, adaptive, responsive and innovative. First-to-know, keen insight accurate and reliable information are strategic weapons. Get it with Bowman FirstAlert, the Bowman Accounting Report.

The fine line between winning and losing is often who had the strategic advantage of accurate information first. Who delivers news, analysis and commentary to your firm? Is it still news or do you get it based on a publisher's schedule, when it's stale and has lost its strategic edge? You want Bowman FirstAlert, delivered to your desktop -- where ever you are -- when there's news you need to know. You get up-to-date information and one-of-a-kind analysis that helps you make strategic and marketplace decisions quickly for today's more competitive environment.

"I love Bowman FirstAlert, getting my news and analysis via email rather than paper."
-- Robert Harris, Harris Cotherman O'Keefe, Vero Beach, Fla.

The Bowman Accounting Report
Hundreds of CPAs utilize the accounting profession's newest and most timely strategic information service, Bowman FirstAlert, the Bowman Accounting Report -- the only accounting report written by Art Bowman, utilizing on his more than 25 years of experience observing and contributing thought leadership to the profession.

Only after talking with thousands of CPAs - your colleagues - across the country did I start the Bowman FirstAlert e-letter, delivering hot news, analysis and commentary to your desktop. It's strategic information that helps you make marketplace decisions quickly, helping you move decisively in a more competitive environment. Your colleagues tell me that you want...

  • breaking news now – accurate and concise – not next week and not next month
  • insight into the underlying trends that will help you strategically
  • the inside story – who's doing what and why
  • the facts – correct and to the point
  • to learn profitable approaches to practice management
  • in-depth analysis of best practices
  • on-target information from one the profession's most trusted analysts

"Bowman Accounting Report keeps me connected to what is happening in the profession and what firms like mine are doing to improve profitability and maintain market share."
-- David Swartz, Good Swartz Brown & Berns, Los Angeles

You get the details you need to build a profitable practice when you get your news from Bowman. Knowledge is power, says Tom Peters. Knowledge alone is not power, however. Insight is the strategic weapon you seek. The Bowman Accounting Report is your best source for insight into the news, strategies, trends and politics that affect you and your firm.

"The Bowman Accounting Report is the bible of the accounting profession."
-- Sandy Sugawara, The Washington Post

Accurate, timely, concise reporting is why accounting professionals rely on Bowman, who has reported on the profession, analyzed performance and advised CPAs and firms for 25 years. With his new authoritative independent newsletter, The Bowman Accounting Report, you'll get the information and resources your firm needs to compete and operate more profitably.

"Bowman is a true thought leader. Our marketplace is changing faster than any ever. Having up-to-date information, analysis and commentary helps managing partners and partner groups craft the best strategies to grow and guide the firm through volatile times."
-- Gale Crosley, Crosley & Company, Atlanta

Take this opportunity to get the timely, concise information you need to compete. Practical solutions. Accurate data. Facts on what's working, what isn't and why. Independent, no-holds-barred ideas, opinions and facts that help you build a profitable practice. Take this opportunity to begin your subscription to The Bowman Accounting Report.

A year's subscription is only $349. Your money-making and money-saving benefits far out-weigh the small fee, which is equal to about a single charge hour.
  • You are always guaranteed the lowest renewal rate available.
  • You get exclusive Bowman FirstAlert e-letters, giving you timely news and topical reports that will keep you in the know and give the strategic competitive edge.
  • You get FREE delivery of FirstAlert to other professionals in your office. You don't have to do any additional work and, even when you're not in the office, every partner and your key managers are first get the news, commentary and analysis.
  • You get special reports with in-depth analysis, commentary and benchmarking of firms' fiscal and management performance.
It's said that 90% of good business judgment consists of being well informed. In our profession, nobody keeps you better informed, nobody gives you the inside scoop and nobody delivers knowledgeable analysis. Nobody but Bowman. Subscribe today to get the details, the competitive intelligence, the in-depth analysis and the accurate and timely reporting you have known and trusted from Art Bowman.

We invite you to join us in this new, leading direction. One which will keep us all moving and growing in the profession -- capitalizing on the myriad of future opportunities.

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